Testimonial: My son started kindergarten in Foothill, because of Misty Davies. I met her during visitation day, and I just knew that with someone so dedicated, so passionate about Foothill and its programs, my son was going to a good place. Six years later, I feel privileged and proud to have gotten to know Misty more, to be inspired by her dedication to Foothill be it Project Cornerstone, Spelling Bee, Maker Space, Maths Teams, Musicals, and so much more….. She was always there just selflessly doing so much for the kids. Always smiling, always available to help, and always standing by her principles to do the right thing. I started driving some key projects like Project Cornerstone and Spelling Bee, because a part of me said, that if Misty can do so much, maybe I can do this too….. I started to believe I could do so much more for our school and community. That’s what leaders do, they inspire you to become leaders as well. A lot of moms sometimes joke that our kids are lucky to be born the same year as Misty’s kids. While we laugh about it, I know that we are so so grateful, for having Misty in our lives. Misty would be the ideal candidate for the School Board … Someone who actually cares, whose life is an example who a kid who made it through all odds, made her dreams a reality because she believed nothing was impossible, who wants to instill that same spark, that same opportunity in every kids life in our school district, who dreams of a world of possibilities for our kids, and wants to take responsibility to make it happen .... yes I do believe Misty would be the IDEAL candidate for the School Board. With her qualifications, her attitude, her heart --- we would be LUCKY to have her be a part of our School Board for High School. Always rooting for you, Misty - you make our worlds a better place! Ekta Karanam, SUSD parent

Testimonial: As the Foothill PTA president and the Redwood PTA president, Misty led numerous school activities and clubs with great successes. With a Ph.D in engineering and being a project manager, Misty understands the importance of STEM. She taught a weekly 7AM class at Foothill math club, started and coached Foothill FLL teams. Misty also makes sure children have well-rounded development. She ran the outstanding Foothill and Redwood musicals for many years, organized the popular Foothill dance, Foothill Halloween party, spelling bees, and many more. She is also very hands-on and can get things done: she updated the PTA website and automated many tasks, and led volunteers to repair foothill gardens. It's hard to imagine how she managed to have done so much.

Like many parents, we feel really lucky to have Misty at Foothill and Redwood. We really can't think of a better candidate for the school board than Misty. Liang Zhao and Wendy Chen, SUSD parents

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